Changelog Manutenção Realizada 02/06

Olá Players,
Realizamos neste dia 02/06/2022 uma breve manutenção nos servidores que levou cerca de 40 minutos.
Agora, neste momento, todos servidores já estão online e prontos para serem acessados.

Foi adicionado em todas as contas do jogo a quantia de: 7.000 Goblin Points como bonificação pela paralização necessária.

Algumas alterações realizadas nas configurações:

Ajustado drop boss Nix [Disponível no drop list até o final do dia]
10% maior Rate de Drop Pedra azul Upgrade [Elite monsters] [Medium] [Easy em cash shop]
5 % maior Rate de Mix Pet Guardians [+10 ~ +15] [Easy - Medium]
Ajuste de noticias in-game
Desativado evento Last Man Standing
Desativado evento Pascoa
Bonus de 0.5 EXP em Devil square [ Medium ]

Segue abaixo changelog da manutenção:
Fixed specific scenario where newly created character could not open personal store
Fixed niche scenario where seller did not get a payment for items sold via Personal Store
Fixed issue where Personal Store items did not load for newly created characters at specific scenario
Improved case where casting a skill after clearing its cooldown (visually in client) could not cast the skill due to server/client cooldown mismatch
Fixed issue where monsters of golden invasions could not spawn properly at certain scenario
Fixed issue where check of distance of required party member class (LW or LM) did not work properly resulting it inappropriate Bond buff activation/deactivation
Fixed issue where exchanging item of value greater than 2kkk to spirit stones was not possible or resulted in unexpected behavior
Fixed issue where Nightmare was counting to drop items in Lorencia
Fixed issue of invalid spawn location after being killed during Illusion Temple Event
Fixed typo in ResetSystem.xml, LevelAfterRese -> LevelAfterReset
Fixed Fireblow skill function in MasterSkillCalc_4th.lua
Fixed default configuration of ClassQuest.xml
Fixed issue where level up points achieved trough class change quest were did not applied handled properly for fruits and reset systems
Fixed Data Server crash
Fixed issue where opening personal store was not possible for certain characters
Fixed issue where data of personal store was not cleared after character deletion
Fixed niche scenario where purchasing from personal store could result in item/price loss due to Gremory Case storage limits
Fixed issue where Critical Damage skill output could become visually bugged
Fixed issue where Golden Monster could spawn at incorrect locations
Fixed issue where certain Muun options did not work properly after reset
Fixed specific scenario where Bond buff remained active despite not meeting buff activation criteria
Fixed issue of Reflection Barrier Mastery is stopping to work at specific scenario
Added support of guardian items options for selection of systems, see in-file notes for configuration explanation
Added option to ChaosBox.ini to control maximum TOL percent -> TOLMaxPercent
Fixed issue where excellent socket accessory items did not respect configured drop options
Reuploaded DataServer of update package with fixed personal store converter fixing issue where certain items could come with invalid item serial
Fixed new personal store items serials of certain items (execute selected database update script)
Fixed issue where Hash URL was not displayed properly in Connect Server log
Added support of 4th Wings grade options for selection of systems, see in-file notes for configuration explanation
Updated EarringAttribute.xml description
Added lang bit to file, English.xml -> 807
Added protection against ability of trading with use of Personal Shop among different channels when channels are configured to use different currency
Removed ability to configure unique currency type for OffTrading, now OffTrade uses coin type setting from Common.ini
Fixed issue where Red Dragons continued to spawn at no invasion time
Added option to PentagramMixNeedSource.xml -> AllowSameEnhancedOption
Fixed default configuration of MonsterList.xml, monsters: 786, 789
Fixed issue where deletion of character resulted in corruption of pentagram errtels on other characters from same account
Fixed issue where changing offer price in Personal Store could lead in deletion of equipped weapon
Extended RegenSpawnZone.xml by ability to spawn in random locations instead specific only
Renewed Personal Store trading system, now it supports cross-channel trading within same realm
Added Personal Store transaction history log stored in IGC_PersonalStore_Log table (log types:     ADD_OFFER = 1, DEL_OFFER = 2, BUY_OFFER = 3, C
Added lang bits to English.xml -> 804-806
Changed way of entering to Off-Trade, now personal store must be configured but cannot be opened - it will open automatically upon entering
Extended MapAttribute.xml by AllowPShopOpen attribute
Changed default locations with ability to open Personal Store, now it is only possible to open one in Safe Zones only
Added options to Common.ini to control ability of using Personal Store outside safe zones, OnlineNonSafeZoneTrading, OffTradeNonSafeZoneTradin
Changed placement of Zen price reward for Personal Store transactions, now it is paid to Gremory Case
Fixed issue where tower buffs duration, coming as reward from Arca Battle Event, was hardcoded
Fixed issue where errtel of radiance was always created with same option
Fixed issue allowing to abuse Expansion of Wizardry buff
Fixed issue where Elemental Defense Increase option of selected Guardian items was not working
Fixed issue where Monster Soul Converter info was getting corrupted after cycle reset
Fixed issue where DMG Increase LvL/20 was not properly applied for selected Mastery equipment
Fixed issue where Wings of Conqueror were treated as 3rd wing type what allowed to abuse Attack/Defense increase skill of 3rd skill tree
Fixed LightWizardDragonViolent_MasterLevel1_Calc and LightWizardDragonViolent_MasterLevel2_Calc functions in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua

Postado 02/06/2022